To become a leader in therapeutic segments of fertility, new age gynaecological ailments, and Paediatric Neurology. To be a company of choice for all customers, employees, investors, partners.


To be at the for front of serving Women, Children for alleviating new age diseases by Innovation, Science & Excellence.


Our values represent our promise to our stakeholders.

  • Quality - Focus on quality in each aspect of work across all functions.
  • Reliability - Maintain efficiency & discipline in all processes & systems and fulfil the promises made to stakeholders
  • Trust & Transparency - Be transparent in dealings with all the stakeholders , Maintain Respect for individuals at all the time.
  • Consistency - Endeavour to bring new products to the market & consistently deliver value to patients
  • Innovation - Implement new ideas & technologies to meet unmet needs.

About Shield Healthcare

Shield is founded in 1995 began the journey with a promise to introduce novel therapeutic options for better clinical outcomes. Shield is ranked as top 10 in represented market and one of the respected companies in India under Gynaecology segment. Shield portfolio offers a wide range of brands supported by scientific findings from clinical trials and research studies. Over the years, shield have evolved to become the best through different collaborations and partnerships helping us to innovate in the field of Women’s Healthcare. Shield strives to become the leaders in Women’s Health and have their strong presence in PCOD/Menopause domainwith Internationalcollaboration like Loli Pharma, Italy and Natural Endo, Korea. Shield recently acquired two companies Nutri Synapzz(Speciality fertility solutions firm) and Brio Bliss Life Science. Shield have started evolving in Paediatric Neurology and is planningto lead the domain.

Key Strengths

Key strength of Shield has been its in-house domain strength, its ability to access to scientific know-how and the ability to conceive marketable solutions that are unique and path-breaking. The strategic think tank of Shield comprises a collective wisdom of 200 man- years of experience in the field of identifying and marketing pharmacological solutions. The product management team of Shield has been incubated and nurtured to identify solutions that are niche, holistic and scientifically advanced. Through constant engagement with KOLs (Key opinion leaders) and domain specialists in the country, Shield gains a deep insight into the healthcare needs of patients as well as care-givers. Shield also chooses and works with partners/agents, with a strong research background in order to identify and market Solutions that are path-breaking in these segments. Shield’s marketing campaigns are structured on the above to not only make them powerful but also scientifically insightful, creating a very high impact among the practicing medical community.

Footprints of Shield

Shield has its operations in 16 states across India. Besides a strong presence in the four southern states, Shield has a vibrant presence in Western &Eastern parts and North East. Shields field force comprises 400+ front line employees ably supported by the managers.

Customer Oriented

The belief that customer satisfaction is as important as their products and services, have helped this establishment garner a vast base of customers, which continues to grow by the day. This business employs individuals that are dedicated towards their respective roles and put in a lot of effort to achieve the common vision and larger goals of the company. In the near future, this business aims to expand its line of products and services and cater to a larger client base.

As a part of our digital initiative Shieldconnect has made a significant impact.

Shield Connect is the one stop destination for information related to women’s health problems and infertility. Shield Connect is a dynamic platform to connect like-minded doctors anywhere, anytime to share their experiences. This platform is for peer-to-peer exchange of information and experience across the globe.

Understand these New Age Diseases like PCOS, Unexplained Infertility, etc., from diagnosis to treatment procedures, expert’s opinion and their techniques is the NEED OF THE HOUR. The medical professional’s world over is eager to find a definitive remedy and prevention, having tried several permutations and combinations. In Shield Connect we use this new method of teaching to conduct eCMEs on pertinent topics that can be accessed from all over the country, and provide our members with an easy way to update their knowledge and skills on trending New Age Disease topics.

In collaboration with 39 National and Inter- State societies, we increase quality and strength of performing to reach our goals. We improve the membership of Organization with better scientific community by conducting activities on special and awareness days or month.

Sessions in Shield Connect are combination of National and International Webinars, Scientific session, Panel Discussion, Case Discussions, Debate and Quiz programs. We also initiated programs in episodes or in the form of series on theme based episodes on NEW AGE DISEASES.

Research & Development

Shield has unique product range in the chosen segment of Gynaecology and Paediatric Neurology and supported by scientific evidences. Shield is poised for a phenomenal growth in the coming years with its 10 ongoing clinical trials to show the scientific evidence of the brands with strong medical team. There were 5 publication in reputed journals and 2 international publication (eSHRE) for Shield products.

Novel Brands

Novel therapeutic options introduced often times, are met with questions, need for credentials and evidences. Shield makes a constant endeavour to introduce products backed by its conviction achieved through diligent understanding of research studies. Each of the product in Shields portfolio is supported by findings from trials and research studies that vindicate shields choice of formulation for the chosen therapeutic segment. Novel therapeutic options introduced often times, are met with questions, need for credentials and evidences. Shield makes a constant endeavour to introduce products backed by its conviction achieved through diligent understanding of research studies. Each of the product in Shield’s portfolio is supported by findings from trials and research studies that vindicate shield’s choice of formulation for the chosen therapeutic segment.

Therapy and Products

The onset of ‘Menarche’ sets off myriads of changes in a young woman’s body chemistry. As she undergoes a metamorphism that prepares her for the rest of her life, it is manifested as physiological, psychological and hormonal changes. As much as a woman’s body is endowed with inherent intelligence to maintain the balance, the natural consequence of the metamorphosis presents its own complexities and challenges. The rapid change in life style, socio economic conditions and other factors add to it. This change not only affects the particular person which adds up-to three generation. Shield’s choice of therapeutic segments, is influenced by its acute awareness, of the inadequacy of therapeutic support, for such gynaecological conditions, that drive down the quality and richness of women’s health. Through continuous association with the medical research community and the practicing doctors, shield is constantly pushing the frontiers for niche and effective solutions on the anvil. Shield products are niche and unique in terms of its combinations and administration methodology. The formulations are determined by scientific research findings in order to be effective and as claimed. Much attention is paid to the form, dosage and mode of delivery to enhance efficiency in mechanism of action as well as patient convenience.

Awards and Achievements of Shield

Shield recently achieved the prestigious IHW award in Dec 2020 for its achievements in Reproductive and Sexual healthcare for providing substantial health benefits to patients in infertility segment. Shield always supports science and always stands with creating awareness on Women’s health. Now Shield Focussed on Women’s Health, providing solutions for New Age disease for Women of 21st Century. With the digital presence of Shield Connect, where the information related to Women’s Health, Infertility& Paediatrics. For doctors, this platform is a unique academic opportunity to learn & share and to connect with the eminent faculty across the globe. For patients and public, it’s an awareness forum to break the myths and build correct understanding related to diseases. We assure to provide the most credible & latest information with In-depth reference materials, experts opinions and discussions on challenging experiences and solutions.